About AMVO

The Austrian Medicines Verification Organisation promotes protection against falsified medicinal products.

PHARMIG, the Association of the Austrian Pharmaceutical Industry, the Austrian Generic Medicines Association, the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists and PHAGO, the Austrian Association of Full-Line Pharmaceutical Wholesalers, founded the Austrian Medicines Verification Association or AMVO for short. In December 2016, AMVO was registered in the Austrian association register. In August 2017, the Austrian Medical Chamber also joined AMVO.

Purpose of the association

AMVO is in charge of implementing the medicines verification system in Austria. Its members have defined the following tasks and objectives in conformity with the pertinent statutory requirements:

Organisation & administration

  • Representing the interests of all stakeholders in close cooperation with the competent authorities
  • Collaborating to clarify cases of suspected falsification
  • Ensuring the participation of all relevant partners in the medicinal product supply chain in their relevant area of responsibility

Technical implementation

  • Providing an operating company for the national repositories system ("AMVS")
  • Taking the necessary decisions on the procedures for safety feature verification
  • Monitoring the operating company with respect to compliance with legal requirements

The Managing Board

The members of the AMVO Managing Board are appointed by the member organisations:

President of the Managing Board

Austrian Generic Medicines Association
Vice-President of the Managing Board



Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists

Austrian Medical Chamber



Supervisory Board

The members of the AMVO Supervisory Board are appointed by the member organisations in consultation with the competent authorities. The AMVO Supervisory Board has the authority to monitor and supervise compliance with the applicable legal requirements the operating company has to meet. Moreover, the Supervisory Board has the right to make recommendations to AMVO.


AMVS GmbH (Austrian Medicines Verification System) is the company that operates the Austrian data repository. As 100% subsidiary of AMVO, it is responsible for funding and operating the Austrian repository. AMVS GmbH contracts into ensuring and implementing, on behalf of AMVO, the smooth operation of the repository in line with the applicable statutory provisions. The system is funded by the pharmaceutical companies that place medicinal products on the market to supply patients in Austria.

All pharmaceutical companies, wholesalers and institutions authorised to supply medicinal products (public pharmacies, self-dispensing doctors and hospital pharmacies) have to connect to AMVS GmbH’s database system in order to meet the requirements defined by law.