Member associations

The following associations are members of AMVO:


PHARMIG is a voluntary-membership interest group, independent of party politics, that represents the interests of the Austrian pharmaceutical industry. PHARMIG has about 120 member companies (as at November 2023) with approximately 18,000 employees in total. These companies make up nearly 95 per cent of the medicinal products market in Austria. Pharmig and its member companies ensure the best possible supply of medicinal products to the healthcare sector and help promote progress in society and medical research through quality and innovation.

About Austrian Generic Medicines Association

Founded in November 2000, the Austrian Generic Medicines Association, unites manufacturers and suppliers of generic medicines whose guiding principle is to provide patients in Austria with an optimal supply of high-quality medicinal products at favourable prices. The member companies of the Austrian Generic Medicines Association have 5,100 employees, 4,800 of whom work in production facilities.


PHAGO is a voluntary-membership special interest group of the Austrian full-line pharmaceutical wholesale trade. Its primary task is to ensure Austria’s supply with medicinal products. Being the backbone of the supply chain, wholesalers are in charge of planning, handling and delivering 200 million medicinal products each year. The pharmaceutical wholesale trade stocks more than 50,000 products from more than 2,000 suppliers, thus guaranteeing a high level of service for patients.

About the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists

The Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists is the statutory professional body of some 6,000 pharmacists, both employed and self-employed, who work in public pharmacies and in hospitals. Representing the interests of the profession, the Chamber makes a major contribution towards ensuring public health and promotes the role of pharmacists, as members of a liberal profession, in supplying the population with medicinal products through pharmacies. All pharmacists in Austria, both employed and self-employed ones, are members of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists, which is a statutory body under public law and also fulfils statutory responsibilities of public administration in addition to being a professional body.

About the Austrian Medical Chamber

In conformity with the Austrian Physicians Act, the Austrian Medical Chamber (ÖÄK) represents the professional, social and economic interests of all physicians practicing in Austria. It protects the reputation and the rights of medical doctors as well as ensuring that they meet their obligations. It is made up of nine regional medical chambers for which the Austrian Medical Chamber acts as umbrella association under public law. One of the primary goals of the Austrian Medical Chamber is for doctors working in hospitals and general practitioners to be able to make state-of-the-art healthcare services accessible to the entire population and guided by social welfare principles. Our members are dedicated to providing high-quality medical services with special attention to continuous quality management in an effort to improve patient safety. The guiding principle and overriding goal of any physician’s work is to help patients, a maxim that takes precedence over any political or economic considerations.